About Us

Our Team and Partner Companies

Dera Design teamOur Montreal team designs our products, with the help of a few talented artists around the world. Our partner company in India takes over from there. Using their expertise and deep knowledge of the organic textiles industry, they turn our designs into finely crafted products made to last. Without their hard work and attention to detail, we could not bring our visions to life. Photo credit Google Earth


100% Organic Products

Dera Design 100% Organic CottonOur products are made from100% organic cotton certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). They are printed with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes and contain no harmful pesticides or chemicals.

From farm to factory to our customers, the entire supply chain is monitored for purity by the GOTS organization. Photo by Trisha Downing


Durable Products & Less Waste

Dera Design Durable Products & Less WasteWe choose our fabrics and finishes to last. When you no longer need your item, get ready to pass it along to a family member, a friend, or someone in need. We make sure our products are extra durable so fewer end up as waste and everyone benefits. 


Transparent Supply Chain

Dera Design Transparent Supply ChainConsumers have the right to know where and how products are made. Traceability reduces the risk for everyone, from producers to retailers to consumers.

We want safe products with transparent supply chains for our own families. We want the same for yours. 


Commitment to Healthy Products at Affordable Prices

Dera Design Commitment to Healthy Products at Affordable PricesWe’re dedicated to making healthy products and offering them at reasonable prices so everyone can benefit from the best.

We’re also proud to partner with companies that value the health of workers and their families by providing safe working conditions and fair wages. 


Reuse and Recycle Policy

Dera Design reuse and recycleWe are committed to a reuse and recycle policy. Our products are minimally packaged in reusable fabric bags whenever possible. Use the bag for storage, laundry, or in place of giftwrap. We know you’ll put it to good use.

Non-PVC poly-bags keep the dust and dirt off during shipping and are fully recyclable. Every aspect of our products is as healthy and eco-friendly as possible. 


Our Commitment to Change

Dera Design commitment to changeWe all have the power to change the traditional role of business. As a company, we can maximize health and social benefits by carefully choosing our suppliers and third-party certifiers.

And by carefully choosing products that are respectfully made from organic materials and durable enough to last, you can enact change, too. Photo: Pegasus Ma


Partners in Organic Awareness

Dera Design member OTA Organic Trade AssociationWe are pleased to be a GOTS-certified company and member of the Canadian Organic Trade Association. The Organic Trade Association plays a huge role in gathering data, providing educational material, and lobbying governments for safe products and sustainable growing methods.


Dera Design license GOTSThe GOTS organization provides careful oversight to safeguard the organic status of our products every step of the way. Protection for workers and the environment is also monitored according to strict standards. And as a GOTS-certified company, we keep meticulous records to ensure the traceability of all our products.

Look for us in the GOTS database under our name or license number (ONE-2190) and feel free to drop us a line if you’d like to give feedback or offer suggestions. We are always looking to improve our products and connect with our customers.


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