16 Mostly Green Gifts for the New Dad

June 07, 2017

16 mostly green gifts for the new dad

He’s been with you all the way, catering to your dietary whims, painting the nursery, and more. Time for a little positive reinforcement. Here are a few suggestions to give the new dad the celebration he deserves, from budget conscious options to splurge items.

  1. IKEA Raskog Utility Cart

    Father's Day gift idea - Ikea Cart
    Who doesn’t love a rolling cart? The IKEA Raskog is versatile enough for almost any use and ideal for the sleep-deprived new dad. It holds all baby’s essentials and glides from room to room without the need for higher-order thinking. It’s basically a modern-day camel without the interspecies exploitation. $24.99 at Ikea.com.

  2. Yoshihiro Japanese Nakiri Vegetable knife


    From mild-mannered Diaper Dad to fierce Samurai Swordsman in the flick of a knife. Pander to his need for adventure—when he’s off parent duty—with a Japanese Nakiri vegetable knife. Forged in Japan from 46 layers of hammered carbon steel in the Damascus tradition, the knife has a Shitan Rosewood handle and all the makings of a modern classic at www.echefknife.com

  3. Dera Design Organic Cotton Canvas Diaper Bag
    Dera Design Organic Diaper Bag
    Get him his very own diaper bag, certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard. He’ll love its generous size, gender-neutral styling, and organic status. The bag features two separate compartments with tons of pockets. Plus, it comes with bonus accessories, including a matching change mat, stroller straps, and a padded shoulder strap. Healthy baby, happy father. $84.99 - buy now.

  4. Crate and Barrel Wherever Dual Fuel Grill
    This portable dual fuel grill works with either charcoal or electric power. The electric option is perfect for apartments with small balconies and ‘no flame’ regulations. Convert to a charcoal-burning grill for picnics, camping trips, and sporting events. $79.95 at Crate and Barrel

  5. Fogo 35-Pound All Natural Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal Bag
    Fogo charcoal
    Get some healthy charcoal to go along with his new grill. Light Dad’s fire with this 35-pound bag of premium hardwood oak charcoal that’s free of chemicals and fillers. Great for low and slow cooks, and infuses foods with a mellow flavor that’s perfect for those mellow evenings at home. About $55.95 on Amazon.

  6. Laguiole Corkscrew


    The Laguiole waiter’s style corkscrew is definitely a splurge item. But on the upside, it’s sure to be appreciated for many years by wine-lovers and the aspiring sommelier alike. A marvel of design and function, the corkscrew is fashioned from brushed stainless steel and polished olivewood. A classic corkscrew for a classy dude: on Amazon.

  7. HiCoup Wing Corkscrew with Bonus Bottle Stopper

    HiCoup corkscrew
    For a more affordable option, try HiCoup’s Wing Corkscrew with bonus wine stopper. About $11 on Amazon.

  8. Crate and Barrel Popcorn Maker

    Popcorn maker

    Family-bonding night wouldn’t be complete without the smell of fresh popcorn wafting through the air. This model is guaranteed to conjure images of cozy fires & big-screen blockbusters, and makes mouth-watering popcorn without the chemicals, right on the stovetop. For immediate gratification, get him a bag of non-GMO popping corn to go with it. About $30 at Crate and Barrel.

  9. Lodge 12-inch Cast-Iron Skillet
    Lodge cast-iron skillet
    The tired new dad will appreciate this pre-seasoned pan that’s ready for action right out of the box. It’s versatile, too, going from stovetop to campfire to oven with equal ease, and will last for generations with proper care. See here for instructions on how to keep your cast-iron skillet in tip-top shape. About $27 on Amazon.

  10. Kinto Slow Coffee Style Brewer Stand Set
    Kinto brewer at Kaufmann-Mercantile
    Yup, he’ll need coffee. You both will. The Kinto brass and walnut pour-over coffee brewer looks spectacular on the counter, and the adjustable stand allows him to channel his inner chemist as he brews coffee in virtually any vessel. Save on wasteful pods and paper filters while treating him to an ol’ fashioned cup of slow-brewed Joe. $190.00 at Kaufmann Mercantile.

  11. Breville Milk Café Milk Frother
    Breville frother

    If lattes and cappuccinos are more his style, go for this over-sized milk frother by Breville. The stainless-steel cup is dishwasher safe, although it’s so easy to rinse clean, it may never make it to the dishwasher rack. The stainless steel interior is free of harmful anti-stick coatings found in most frothers, so no fear of turning it into a chemical delivery system. About $140 on Amazon.

  12. Lounging Around Pants
    joggers from Loomstate
    You couldn’t live without your yoga pants, right? Give him the same comfort during nighttime feeding sessions (the baby’s) with these joggers from Loomstate. They look great indoors and he won’t look like he’s wearing pyjamas when he dashes out for provisions. They’re made of 100% organic cotton in a GOTS certified factory, and feature a thick elastic waistband and tapered leg. $130 at Loomstate.

  13. Camo Shoelaces from Stolen Riches
    Camo shoelaces
    The new father is a teeming mass of contradictions, excited about his new role yet fearful of losing his identity in a pile of dirty diapers. Give him an outlet for his individuality with these shoelaces from Stolen Riches. They look great with everything from dress shoes to hiking boots, and they’re guaranteed not to break—what could be greener? $17.50 at Stolen Riches

  14. Uncommon Goods Micro-Green Kit
    Uncommon Goods Micro-Green Kit
    A sure bet for the new dad with a green thumb! This kit comes with the whole caboodle: a soilless medium, two full crops of seeds, and directions for sowing, sprouting, and growing. The modern recycled steel box has a bamboo wooden tray that doubles as a lid and fits with just about any kitchen decor. In a couple of weeks, he could be ready to harvest a mini field of salad-ready, USDA-certified organic sprouts. $48 at Uncommon Goods

  15. Nurture My Body Shave Cream
    Nurture My Body Shave Cream
    Guys need pampering, too! The best gifts are those he secretly covets but wouldn’t dream of buying for himself—like organic, non-foaming shave cream that makes his skin smooth enough to rival your baby’s bottom. All without the use of harmful chemicals or toxins—it’s USDA organic, cruelty-free, and certified vegan. Reduced to $19.95 from $31.95 at Nurture My Body

  16. Lovely Beards Bourbon Beard Oil
    Lovely Beards Bourbon Beard Oil
    Alternatively, for the bearded dad there’s a bottle of oil from Lovely Beards. Choose from the superb selection of scented beard oils and balms, with fun aromas like mandarin cedarwood, bourbon, nectarine mint, and vanilla sandalwood or unscented options. Handmade in the USA from organic essential oils, Lovely Beards oil will keep Dad and his beard-pulling offspring happy and safe. $13.99 at Lovely Beards.

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